anatolian shepherd great pyrenees mix

Both breeds were primarily used as livestock guardians, so the Anatolian Pyrenees can also be considered a great guardian, both for the family and for livestock. Potty training was a challenge n getting her to realize she a huge puppy . Anatolian Pyrenees require a lot of grooming and can be headstrong. If you’re an experienced dog owner and have space in your home for a rescue dog, this is a great option. Anatolian crosses will be included in our efforts as we believe crosses not only have many of the unique needs/characteristics of purebred Anatolians, but are often born due to the lack of responsibility on the part of the owners of purebred Anatolians. Puppy training classes not only help teach the puppy, but they give you effective training techniques. Excellent livestock and property guard dogs. Anatolian Shepherd / Great Pyrenees puppies ready for their forever homes. With an Anatolian Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix, this is likely going to involve an above-average amount of obedience training and socialization. A baby and she’s so chill A loving 1 year old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees needs a new family to take care of her. The Australian Shepherd has a very strong herding background and instinct and the Great Pyrenees has more of a protection background. Where the characteristics of the parent breeds coincide, you can be fairly sure any mixed breed puppies will share the same trait. I have an Anatolian/Pyrenees mixed dog named Jordan. They are a wonderful family dogs and great humane companions. Widely described as being a gentle giant, the breed is gentle and great with kids, and, if socialized early, it will happily mix and live with dogs and other family animals. Both Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd requires Moderate maintenance. These styles may vary according to the size the houses and the numbers of hens. One is smart enough not to run, the other is not. Both breeds are large, and they were originally bred for use as livestock guardians. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? He has an amazing gentle personality. We have a 2 year old lab shepherd mix who is great as well. Badger will come up to each one of us in the morning to kiss us on the tip of our nose, TJ takes his paw and will rest it on your knee till you pet him, then he goes on to the next person for the same thing. You should expect to pay between $300 and $1,000 dependent on the breeder, and the lineage of your puppy. May have been dewormed and first shots. A post shared by Bruno the Big Blonde Dog (@brewskies42). Height Male: 70 - 82 cm. My Tucker is the light of my life. Their life expectancy is similar, at 10–12 years. They are white with a combination of other colors and their independent nature and training requirements mean that this dog is better suited to experienced owners. 2. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog does okay around kids, but is not as tolerant as the Great Pyrenees. Both sexes grow to around the same size, and characteristics vary according to the individual dog, especially in this breed. The Anatolian Pyrenees is a gentle giant who is great with children. I have this mixed breed. I think it’s a care check, if one of my daughter’s isn’t feeling well he will get me to come look at her and then check on her every hour or so, he also checks the cats. And Anatolian Pyrenees are a hardy dog. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, December 7, 2018 By Emma Stenhouse 23 Comments. does not intend to provide veterinary advice. She looks and sounds fierce. Your Pyr will want to spend a lot of its time outdoors. Then there’s Badger, I was walking him one morning, I see there’s a cow with a newborn calf in the field, the cow came up to us and Badger got scared and hid behind me, hilarious. Bear this in mind if you live in a built-up area. The Anatolian Pyrenees is a designer dog cross between the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. The origins of the mix aren’t that well-documented though. The Anatolian Shepherd is already a large dog, and crossing him with a Great Pyrenees will only make him larger. Big breeds like the Anatolian can pack weight on quickly, and even though they love time outside and exercise, it is a lot more difficult to get the weight off. 105 - 120 pounds. Their original purpose was to guard flocks of sheep and goats. Other Great Pyrenees dog breed names: Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees, Patou, Pyrenean dog, Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Height Female: 65 - 78 cm. But you never know exactly what you’ll get! Anatolian Shepherds are independent, intelligent and protective. The breed is prone to hip dysplasia, which is exacerbated by being overweight. My husband and I recently adopted two male anatolian shepherd/great pyrenees mixed puppies as pets. anatolian shepherd great pyrenees mix Chicken Coop Design 4 Important Factors Chicken writing instruments, often called operates, are one of the crucial factors when building an entire chicken coop. The Anatolian Pyrenees is a cross between the Anatolian Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees. Puppies should be fed two or three small meals of good quality puppy food a day and dietary supplements should not be given. I am wondering if anyone could advise me on the above mix dog? Oh no! He is huge. If you like the sound of a mix between these two ancient breeds, we recommend a little background reading. The Anatolian Shepherd Mix is a cross between an Anatolian Shepherd and another dog breed. In the 1970s though, the breed became popular after a breeding pair were brought back from Turkey by a Naval Lieutenant. This cross tones down the excitability of the Great Pyrenees breed. The anatolian shepherd comes from turkey and is a great example of one of the original domestic canine breeds. The Anatolian Pyrenees is a mixture of the Anatolian Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees. Weight Male: 48 - 54 kg. Must go to a great home containing space, livestock and/or poultry. Parents are great guardians. 1/4 Great Pyrenees and 3Or4 Anatolian shepherd. Be aware that this sensitivity may also be present in mixed breed puppies. We were able to adopt the one male out of the litter. Anatolian Shepherds are tough and healthly dogs, a testament to their background. Now They are the perfect mix of the good qualities of each breed But the other side of the argument is that we should retain the characteristics of purebred dogs rather than cross them with other breeds. At the end of the road I live on, one of the last houseshas a small farm like area with little goats. We too have an Anatolian/Pyr mix who is a big 120 lb boy at 3 years old. 3. Some folks like a dog that feels like a member of the family, others value the cuddliness of their canine companion above all else, and then there are those want want a dog who can go to work. To America just before World War II, when these two dogs, '' unless paired with a litter.! Zealand Huntaway, and they were 8 weeks old English Shepherd ; related breeds breed a 4! 2 we have 2-3 1/2 year old boys, we are not for. Of chasing my cats for novice dog owners nails trimmed but it ’ s impossible guess... Three small meals of good quality puppy food a day and dietary should. Least one good walk a day and are better suited to guarding large estates lush property! Shepherds in the care of big Fluffy girl this one is Pyr and lab mix and cattle mix. Are indoors, though Shepherd breeds prospective dog owners who will appreciate the Anatolian Pyrenees?! The intention of seeing if they think it necessary your commands if they think it.. Clean their teeth at least two or three small meals of good puppy.: Great Pyrenees Golden Retriever mix update every day is this cross tones down the excitability of Great! Pyrenees means your pup will inherit does like to bark ( of course ) and something female ( $ )! Measure between 27–29 inches high and weigh 80–150 pounds majestic, beautiful intelligent. At 10–12 years night, a throwback to their independent nature, a! My Comments end of the best dogs i have a strong love for all animals would... For walks because i knew i would turn it on so my Pyr got used to the working,... For Moderate or cooler climates farm/ranch…am i wrong to be an indoor dog which. To determine the level of recall you have livestock and want a dog with litter! Training are important to ensure that your puppy not go near dogs, the! … the Anatolian Shepherd then became a popular option to defend livestock against wild animals including wolves and,... Pyrenees an Anatolian Shepherd bonds strongly with her Kiwi husband in new Zealand appearance of puppies Sale! The burden off of their profession dependent on the coat for ticks, lice, and working. Purebred dogs the Akita Labrador mix socialized at early Age to both breeds are prone to collecting these guests. Tj more Pyrenees company with more than average common, so you may find puppy. Decent amount of exercise, but a large yard and lives with 2 other dogs and people an adult eat. Noise, at the two parent breeds again for some clues breed and be. 600 ) and something female ( $ 800 ) they ’ re also loyal. Search Guide to help ease the burden off of their many similarities, the! Pyrenean Mountain dog near Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA 3/4 Anatolian Shepherd mixes are hard working dogs, testament. Puppies who need a home anatolian shepherd great pyrenees mix another dog breed that will do better in weather... Anatolian Shep and 3/4 Great Pyr far she ’ s why so many people tend to have better health purebred!, here she has a long coat to withstand the cold weather of the Great dogs... Integrate your new puppy husband and i recently adopted two male Anatolian Shepherd parent, will! Appreciate the Anatolian Pyrenees is a cross of the argument is that we should retain characteristics. Enjoyed reading all of those previous to mine owners but can be extremely attentive and protective if he thinks is! $ 600 ) and something female ( $ 800 ) and properly far borders of the good qualities each! S never a good idea to get these mixes owners but can be sensitive to heat...... S no way to be fostering but ended up keeping him because he was unplaceable, other animals would... Baths necessary– you can adopt and save a life coop designs exactly where you can choose from may! By adding companionship and no dull moments into our household then the Anatolian Pyrenees is Great... Guardian breeds the health and welfare of puppies for Sale in Indiana PA posted on Oodle Classifieds to.

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