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These cookies do not store any personal information. Hetty came to us four years ago, having been admitted for a head trauma injury, that was probably sustained by a close encounter with a car. Hi, i am looking to purchase a baby hoglet, sadly I do not drive so unless able to deliver must be close to Orpington in Kent please. Your adoption is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Fairview Lane Fill a bottle (old drinks bottle or water bottle) with warm-to-hot water and place it under a towel in the box to ensure the hedgehog … Do not message or email if you have found a hedgehog you are concerned about, these are not constantly monitored whereas our phonelines are. Directory listings which state they are 'owner verified' are managed by the rescue owner, giving a high level of confidence in the information provided. Your support is absolutely invaluable to us and every item purchased is a vital saving for our charity. Click on the button below and a new page will open with the form and a variety of options with which to pay. Please visit the feedback tab to let us know if the listing information is correct. With the introduction of our new nursery we will be able to cater for even more little babies, and with that comes more expense and that is where you, our supporters, may be able to help. Place it in a deep sided cardboard or plastic box. Email Seller. This little family have come in to ARC looking for a new forever home. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. ... Pygmy Hedgehog Related Articles. Pro Igel. Where to adopt your hedgehog. In this way, we can help many more casualties, that would otherwise have perished, and then return them to the wild, where they belong. • Hedgehog appears to be eating and drinking well, with no difficulty. Search by breed, age, size and color. Keep an eye out for neighbours doing work on their gardens, or using fencing contractors - this is the perfect opportunity to get a hedgehog hole put in! Each donation can provide basic medicine for lifesaving surgery. You can make a secure online donation via our Virgin Money Giving page. Hedgehog House, Dhustone, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 3PL Tel: 01584 890801 E-mail: Price 25p My local hedgehog carer is: Suggested further reading: The New Hedgehog Book by Dr Pat Morris, Hedgehog Rehabilitation by Kay Bullen and A Prickly Affair: My Life With Hedgehogs by Hugh Warwick. Plus, don't forget to let us know when you last saw a hedgehog as sighting records help us plan future projects. The "Adopt A Hedgehog Digital Pack" costs £15 and supports the care of injured Hedgehogs in our Wildlife Hospital. Step 3. Adopt a Pet Today. You will be taken to The Southern Wildlife Care and Advisory Trust's page on the CAF website where it will take just a few easy steps to set up a standing order by direct debit. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service have launched their "Become a hedgehog helper" Gift Experience! Adopt A Hedgehog Every year, Folly Wildlife Rescue admit thousands of injured, orphaned and sick wild animals from across Kent and Sussex, including hedgehogs, badgers, deer, dormice, squirrels, and birds. Please call 07926 576 164 or 01637 831 299 for advice. Kent. Consider planting hedges, as these make ideal shelter and provide food for lots of wildlife! Adopt an e-version hedgehog with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. This advert is located in and around Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Adopt a Hedgehog today and receive an adoption pack including your certificate, your choice of two items, a hedgehogs fact sheet, and a follow up letter. Hedgehogs do come out of hibernation during mild periods in winter. YOUR DIGITAL ADOPTION PACK WILL CONTAIN : At the present time and due to Covid 19 restrictions and safety of staff, all Adopt A Hedgehog purchases will be in a digital and downloadable format. Gravesend, Kent. When you sponsor a hedgehog your support will help buy food, medicine and pay for the care of these wonderful animals. Do your research and find one today. Invicta Insurance Services Ltd offer competitive insurance rates and if you take out an insurance policy with them quoting "Project Hedgehog" they will make a generous donation of �20 to Folly Wildlife Rescue. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Do something amazing today, Adopt an Animal at Kent Life. Sponsor one of these hedgehogs for one year for just £30. Claim Listing. Before adopting a hedgehog, research how far you may need to travel for veterinary care. You can choose from 8 species to adopt below: It's very helpful if you can leave feedback as to whether the information is correct. For £20 per year, you can adopt a goat and help contribute towards their costs and care. Hedgehog adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Hedgehog a second chance and caring environment. Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust. Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary. They have poor eyesight and depend on their senses of smell and hearing as they hunt. Step 2. Tunbridge Wells,TN3 9LU, Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved - Folly Wildlife Rescue, Website by In Tune Computing & OS Templates, For Out Of Hours Advice Please Click Here, A personalised colour Adoption Certificate, A hedgehog Fact Sheet with fascinating information about natural history, diet and hibernation, A �Help A Hedgehog� sheet, showing how you can encourage hedgehogs and keep them safe. Medway Hedgehog Rescue . Late in the year, December or into January, many of our patients can't be released as they are either too small, too sick, or are ready to go just as the weather is too bad for them to leave. Adopt a printed hedgehog … In return, you will receive an Adoption Pack for ROSIE THE HEDGEHOG containing a colour certificate, hedgehog beanie, fact sheet and a Folly fridge magnet! This advert is located in and around Orpington, Kent. Our work is funded entirely from the kind donations of web-site visitors and friends of the rescue. Pygmy hedgehog wanted. Extinction is a real possibility. Learn about hedgehog habits, read how to build your own hedgehog house and make your garden a hedgehog haven with this FREE Help A Hedgehog pack. should curl … Every time make a purchase from your favourite online retailers using the link below Folly Wildlife Rescue will receive a small payment, with no extra cost to you. ... Kent. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. We are a small home-based Charity In Strood, Kent, We run entirely on donations. Adopt your favourite animal for a year and help support the upkeep of the animals and our important conservation work through the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation. Brockworth Hedgehog Rescue . These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Any donations and adoptions enables us to perform rescue operations across the country to care for many different wild animals which are sick or … All you need to do is use click on the banner below to use our easyfundraising portal. and is a very practical way to help hedgehogs in distress. Leicestershire Hedgehog Rescue. What you’ll receive for £25: A welcome letter, hedgehog soft toy, part 1 of your hedgehog’s story, hedgehog pin badge, adoption certificate, hedgehog factsheet, poster, and window sticker. Scunthorpe. is a charity run website providing advice about sick, injured or problem wildlife, and a directory of UK wildlife rescue organisations. All requests should be made via email to including your name and telephone number. Our Amazon Wish List is updated frequently with all the essential items we needr. • Hedgehog faeces is usually dark brown or black and fairly firm. In these cases, the information should be viewed as a guide only - please contact the rescue directly for verification. Leicestershire. "We have about 90 hedgehogs in care at the moment which is way more than normal, and they will cost up to £150 each to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually return to the wild in the spring," said Trevor Weeks MBE founder of East Sussex WRAS, "as our funds are low, we … The feedback facility is to enable visitors to let us know whether the contact details listed are correct and whether the rescue could help. If it is loose, green in colour or contains blood, contact HHR ASAP. Pictures of dogs and cats who need a home. Contact your local Ontario SPCA Animal Centre to see if there are adoptable hedgehogs in your area. Somerset Wildlife Trust - A wildflower meadow. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Alternatively use gloves or place a towel over its spines. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you've found this website useful, please consider donating £1 to help with our costs. Although she made an amazing recovery, her balance remained affected, and we decided, very sadly, that she wouldn’t cope in the wild. Animal lovers have been collecting food and money to help sick and underweight hedgehogs at a rescue centre in Medway. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If it is too small take it to the nearest rescue. One of our biggest challenges at Hedgehog Bottom is overwintering. Pet Adoption - Search dogs or cats near you. With the endless stream of wildlife casualties brought in to Folly Wildlife Rescue we are continually looking for stocks of essential items to aid recovery. Somerset. An adoption pack makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas (or you can always treat yourself!) Adopt a Hedgehog Hedgehogs are so named because they grunt softly as they dig in undergrowth, searching for their … preferred diet of invertebrates. An adoption pack makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas (or you can treat yourself!) Adopt a wildflower meadow with Somerset Wildlife Trust. Broadwater Forest Many of these poor creatures are the victims of garden netting, or collisions with cars, while others have been attacked by cats or dogs, have flown into windows, been poisoned or shot, fallen down drains, and even burnt in bonfires � the list goes on and on. If your neighbour is happy, remove a fence panel. • To successfully hibernate, a hedgehog must weigh a minimum of 600 grams. This makes an ideal present - either for yourself, or for that 'hard to buy for' relative or friend (Adoptions shipping to outside of the UK will cost £25 due to extra postage). provides a directory of around 400 wildlife rescues in the UK who can help with wildlife casualties. Each year our company accepts injured hedgehogs and offers them the opportunity to live in a woodland Forever Home because they are unable to survive in the wild. Read below for more information. 1. Make a one-off payment via Paypal below. A love of animals on its own is not enough to help a hedgehog in trouble. Fostering a hedgehog. • Hedgehog should be alert and respond to noise/touch (e.g. Hopefully you now have the hedgehog somewhere safe, warm and quiet. With the Adopt an Animal Experience you will also be able to book a 45 minute one-to-one session with your adopted animal. If you … Lancashire Chorley Hedgehog Rescue. Report. The Happy Hedgehog Rescue We are a small, self funded, local animal rescue in Yateley on the borders of North Hampshire, West Surrey and South Berkshire. Site by Adopt a dog, Adopt a cat. Sleepy Hollow Hedghogs, the most informative UK based pet hedgehog guide on the internet Adoption. Find Hedgehog in Pets | Find or rehome a dog, cat, bird, horse and more on Kijiji: pets offered by humane societies and shelters, owners and breeders locally in Chatham-Kent. Hedgehog Rescue Deal Kent has 2,245 members. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. To adopt one of our animals, please fill in the form and email to or give us a call on 01622 763 936. Wanting to adopt a hedgehog no matter the age or temperament, have one already so experienced, preferably with a setup included. Hedgehogs are in trouble though, with fewer than a million left in the UK, down from an estimated 2 million in the mid-1990's and 36 million in the 1950's. Thick hedges, dense brambles, scrub patches and hedgehog houses are all popular spots. Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Hedgehog. Hedgehog Rescue Deal Kent; is a charity run advice website which is part of the Starlight Trust Hedgehog Rescue Deal Kent. Mum (the grey & white Dutch) and her two Daughters (both silky black) are well bonded so we will be rehoming them together. What you'll receive for £30: A gift card, a sample of wildflower meadow seeds to sow, an information sheet about wild meadows, a postcard and an adoption certificate.. It is easy to set up a regular standing order by clicking the CAF image below. Hertfordshire. Many suffer severe injuries, and it can take months for our dedicated team to bring them back to full health, and return them to the wild. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. If you see a hedgehog out during the winter months and are concerned about its weight, weigh it, and if it is an acceptable weight, return it to the wild. As well as illnesses and injuries the species is now seriously threatened by loss of habitat and housing developments, increased road traffic and unsympathetic farming practices 2. Pickup the Hedgehog by slipping your fingers under its tummy. Copyright © Starlight Trust 2021. For your donation, you will receive a letter from your chosen hedgehog, a certificate, photo fridge magnet and a small gift. Every year, Folly Wildlife Rescue admit thousands of injured, orphaned and sick wild animals from across Kent and Sussex, including hedgehogs, badgers, deer, dormice, squirrels, and birds. In the 1950s there were over 30 million hedgehogs in the UK, now there are less than one million. Somewhere it can't escape from. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Join this group to post and comment. You don�t pay anything extra. We rely on your feedback to keep the directory up to date. and is a very practical way to help wildlife in distress. Our company campaigns to save the British hedgehog. Tick the option which best describes your experience. If you find a hedgehog you should get in touch with a hedgehog rescue centre and/or a vet at once. Directory listings which state they are 'owner verified' are managed by the rescue owner, giving a high level of confidence in the information provided. Your kind and generous donation will directly help injured wildlife. Step 1. NB: You are viewing a directory entry. Take a walk around your garden and look out for any cosy, dry, sheltered placed where a hedgehog might like to nest. Are you the owner of this rescue? Northumberland . Measure and mark a 13cm x 13cm hole at the bottom of the panel. Want to adopt hedgehog. Wildlife in the UK now faces pressure like never before, and needs all the help it can get. As well as illnesses and injuries the species is now seriously threatened by loss of habitat and housing developments, increased road traffic and unsympathetic farming practices, Please Click On The Map Above To Open Google Maps, The Broadwater Forest Wildlife Hospital A pet hedgehog may be the perfect pet for you! Member since Jan 2020 n/a n/a. There are many instances where a hedgehog does not need to be rescued and should be left alone, if you are unsure please seek advice. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Read more to learn how you can help by sponsoring a hedgehog. Share. All adoptions are for a period of one year. If not, please go and get it. Small, round, brown and covered in spines, the hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain's wild mammals. The African Pygmy Hedgehog. and is a very practical way to help hedgehogs in distress. is a great way to raise money for Folly Wildlife Rescue just by shopping online. 306 talking about this. Together we can make Kent a better place for hedgehogs. Adopt A hedgehog An adoption pack makes a great gift for a birthday or Christmas (or you can always treat yourself!) Those which are not (and therefore display the 'Claim Listing' button) are maintained by our volunteers using information gathered from the rescue or their website. With our adoption kits you can adopt a fox, badger, bird of prey, deer, owl or hedgehog and this will guarantee that we can care for these animals all year round. Our veterinary costs are immense, so to help fund them, Folly Wildlife Rescue operates a wildlife adoption programme, whereby members of the public can sponsor one of the resident disabled animals, and by doing so, help pay not only for the adopted animal�s care, but for the care and treatment of many other, often severely injured animals. We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Hedgehog. Help a rescue find their forever home. First off don't panic. Prickles Hedgehog Rescue. ADOPT AN ANIMAL TODAY!

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