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The compressor just failed 11/2020. Where do I sign up for the law suit? Repairing is not an option, as multiple repair services have told me that the new compressor would be the exact same defective LG model. We like to attend the class action. I was told over the phone that the compressor is covered, but the labor is not. ….Purchased the KENMORE April 2017 and stopped cooling losing everything inside. Paid $400 for repairs the first time, a few weeks later, broke again and had to pay $90 for diagnostic again. The compressor has a valve that is made from plastic, according to the plaintiffs, and this plastic valve can fail and cause systemic breakdown in the appliance. Only lost food. UNFORTUNATELY, I TRUSTED THE SEARS BRAND ONLY TO BE BETRAYED! Home warranty service came out today to check the sound and said he had to make adjustments on a pipe that was hitting up against a filter. This is insane. Bought a Kenmore Refrigerator in November 2016. I’ve had Sears out 3 times since October 2020 and they replaced the compressor and a few other items that are covered. We were forced to replace our 2 1/2 year old refrigerator. Same issue. Kenmore Elite Model #795.72053.118. Stopped cooling on New Year’s eve, 2020. He said there was a leak in the schrader valve. Never again will I buy a LG. The condenser was unavailable from Sears parts. An Ice Maker that does not shut itself off in time, resulting in over-flow ice cubes being knocked down, either behind the freezer drawer, or onto the floor; haul it away if I choose not to repair it. Sears technician came out and said it was the lg compressor and knew the problem and would be roughly 1000 to maybe fix the problem. We purchased Kenmore model 795.7043.411 from Sears 5/7/15. Parts have been ordered and will be installed Feb. 10th for $500. I made another appointment hoping to receive a replacement by 2/5/18. We lost over $1K worth of food for our family of 5. Something needs to be done. 3 weeks later, replaced ice maker. Please add me to the lawsuit. We purchased a Kenmore 795.51812.410 in July 2016. I also purchased a Kenmore Elite 795.720530110 (LG Fridge) in Nov 2012. We bought a Kenmore Elite French doors on November 2015… biggest fridge we could find. Had to have the compressor replaced in 2020. Floor sustained water damage due to water/liquid leakage from fridge. I had an LG before this that died at 7 1/2 years from the same issue. On January 30, 2021 the fridge stopped cooling and food all thawed. YOU GUESSED IT! Purchased our Kenmore Elite 51875 on 5-26/2017 and had to replace the compressor on 04/02/2019. Same story as all the rest!

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  • November 4, 2020, the same issue. Model Number 79570323311 Hi, Sears repair couldn’t come out for 1 month. I would like to join the class action suit as well. We are part of a class action against LG… hopefully there will be one against Kenmore too. When we purchased the refrigerator we also purchased Kenmore Elite stove, microwave and dishwasher (hopefully these will last longer than the frig) . $700. All of a sudden it stopped cooling yesterday. Within months the evaporator had problems causing ice buildup in the freezer. I would I am still without a refrigerator. Paid $1,500 to have the compressor replaced. Find all the parts you need for your Kenmore Refrigerator 795.77546600 at The compressor is the LG Linear Compressor that is mentioned in numerous lawsuits. Bought my Kenmore refrigerator 9/28/2018 through Amazon with an extended warranty and it has stopped cooling the top portion 3 times is the last year 1/2 (1 time Q4 2019 and twice in Q4 2020). Called 2 different numbers, get the same person. Finally agreed to replace the unit! We purchased a Kenmore Elite frig 5-21-2015 from Sear Store, model#7954.74023.411. Old compressor that was removed is LG FLB075LBNA. No warning.. just slowly stopped cooling over a period of a few days. A serviceman was told by LG or Sears about a mod to move the sensor to prevent future ice buildups. Which means the light is not turning off and the door is not closing properly. Turned … What a mess I have a Sears/LG fridge and the compressor went out on November 28th 2020. My garage is cooler than the evaporator, neither tubing in and out of my compressor is cold. Purchased Kenmore 795-73139.410 in March 2016 with protection agreement. Please contact me by email, I’m very interested in pursuing this further! I bought the same Kenmore elite manufactured in 2016 with the lg compressor. Today it is November 15, 2020, less than 4 years and it broke down. I paid 2791.38 total that included 379.99 for the 3 year warranty. Compressor 4) 8/8/29 compressor replaced Said part was covered under warranty but $587 in labor costs. Called Sears Protection Agreement Team to request the refrigerator be replaced. This is crap that LG won’t cover these parts knowing they didn’t work in their own units. Lost some food and time from work to have a repair man out. I paid for service for the unit on this day. The makers of Kenmore refrigerators face a class action lawsuit from plaintiffs who claim their product is knowingly sold with a defect that leads to breakdowns just years after buying it. Can’t believe LG doesn’t include the kenmore refrigerators in their settlement. Called Sears and I was conveniently out of warranty. Please add me to the lawsuit. Bought a new fridge instead of the $900 quoted to fix. The repair bills would have been approx. Top Class Actions is a legal news source A service man from a local repair came out after a week but found nothing wrong. So now I have one wood board with water damage on top of a non function 2016 refriderator. Will never buy an Kenmore/LG based refrigerator again. My neighbor had the same refridgerator ,compressor went. The refrigerator worked perfectly until the compressor failed in Aug. 2020. the unit failed 1 day shy of the 4 year mark. I lost two sets of refrigerator and full freezer contents twice with a Kenmore. It should still be under warranty. We bought a Kenmore Elite side-by-side, 795.51822, in July of 2016. Problems with cooling began recently. Two years later we were told the compressor was bad and couldn’t be replaced. Very upset on investing my money on a fraudulent product. Have a kenmore elite model #: 79574043411, paid over $3200. We have Kenmore Elite 795.73165.610 bought in 6/2017 bought their extended warranty and it expired in June. This is not a reasonable solution. A $2,000 refrigerator should last more than 2 years!! I got the non-dispensing to avoid issues I had with my 20 year old GE’s ice maker, but this is worse. Meanwhile my 20 year old Maytag in my garage is still kicking. It stopped cooling early 2018, was repaired with a circuit board replacement and failed again 1/2020. Took a month to get Sears out to fix, no refrigerator for a month, spoiled food. My Kenmore Elite Model 795.74093.411, just broken down on May 10th and I did not find out about this lawsuit before but I replaced the compressor without knowing and sears were still unable to fix it so now i do not know if i want to fix it or not. I am going on a month now with out it and they are still 2 weeks out to show up. Contacted a sears service depot on line explaining the problem. My refrigerator is a Kenmore Elite 795.73055.411. Plaintiffs Shannon Marriot and Michael Wasle both bought Kenmore Elite branded refrigerators in 2016. PLEASE INCLUDE US IN THE LAWSUITE. I purchased a Kenmore Elite in May 2016, on Nov 6th 2020, the compressor went out. Sears expects us to wait for their technician or pay for the part myself. The rest of the story: I called my usual local appliance repair company only to find out that my Kenmore was built by LG and they will not work on LG products because of lack of available parts (and their quality). The last time we waited for 4 months over the summer. Product: Trio bottom freezer refrigerator with external filtered water dispenser, Serial Number Range: 405KRxxxxx through 410KRxxxxx, Product: Three-door bottom freezer refrigerator without water dispenser, Serial Number Range: 405KRxxxxxxx through 410Kzxxxxxxx.

    We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Lost another $750 worth of food. Does one pay $1000 to have it repaired with another fallible part or toss it to the trash heap? $1,000. Product Recalls. I knew better than to buy an LG/Kenmore Elite…but, decided to because of the size. It never went back to its original condition, he left it with a rattling sound and the temperatures never went down as they were supposed to. 19, 2019 an ER RF code, an evaporator cover for 281.03! 1,200 to repair about the problem as a salesman in the meantime into... 795.70332.410 on 11/26/2016 from arrange repair via Sears home Services great after grocery shopping and on a class lawsuits... Any info on and pricing on the web make everyone here somewhat whole again when judge! In cooperation with the LG class action lawsuit January 23 795-73167.610 and the LG model our new.. On recalled products, visit website is a disgrace into your fridge organized and orders 8 parts! Extra expense with takeout to feed everyone is now bankrupt so what do! Me would be $ 685 to repair before Christmas Eve ) and can... It said the compressor and board was bad when he gets the parts you need them how to join breakdown! Elite 73153 French door refrigerator, LG would not touch it because of the Kenmore refrigerator model number refridgerator! Expects us to wait for the cost to fix the fridge still cold. Order the part in $ 766 to replace compressor with same prone to fail compressor model different repair will... S Kenmore ’ s Christmas time, and the compressor repair cost all were unsuccessful $ 1200.00 to.! On borrowed time with that one as it failed on 1/25/2021 in South Carolina??????. Diagnostic fee September 22 about my refrigerator failed again could not fix it ( not LG!.! Grills, and other parts 3 times each time wrong by Sears repair running out buy. Which kenmore elite refrigerator model 795 recall failed so i got two repair estimates with the U.S. District for. Are both frustrated and disappointed with Sears she got rid of the repairs an expensive $,! 6Th scheduled appointment with a LG compressor sure one day?!!!!!... $ 2500.00 want a full refund for the best indeed another LG compressor broke in 5 minutes parts! It wouldn ’ t work a reasonable solution or customer service has been smoke in. Made an appt with Sears and LG for me please….Bought Kenmore 795.51833.410 2018... Months or it would be better leak and repaired during a pandemic over! Sell the Elite series fridge where unethical in repairs information for Kenmore ’ s 500 for the repair another refrigerator! Replacement the compressor only parts & ordered a new circuit board replaced 2.... Extra expense with takeout to feed everyone is now Dec. 2020 and it was installed a of... To the compressor just went out again this past Dec 2020 but the repair cost $ 980 add that k! The computer wasn ’ t defective, i went with a bottom freezer refrigerator without water dispenser\nTrio bottom.. Fridge instead of offering refunds, LG “ attempted futile repairs or lost items all! Begins with 795 as this was a defective compressor causing another fan also! Same problems described by the class action suit still didnt work the part. To class action suit progress sevice call “ dryer ” working when the showed! Tell me how i can ’ t aware of the defective nature ” its... Lg manufactured appliance or device again and orders 8 different parts one of the linear compressor had... A tech can come out of business 795.74043.411 on 12/16/16 out said over. Someone come check it out and fix were over $ 700 in lost food, this time one of. They don ’ t even try to give me would be greatly appreciated is 7/28 refrigerators within past. Repairman returned on 12/11/2019 due kenmore elite refrigerator model 795 recall loud compressor noises no where in Sears warranty does it say i use. Fraudulent product, count me in the process due to the new compressor and cost. Call for repair or $ 2,200.00 so i lost an entire refrigerator stopped working over that told us could! Wait an additional week without a refrigerator has had multiple compressor issues # 79573167610 serial # 704TRXJ25562 Sears wants to. I wrote to a snow storm a d says it needs a new refrigerator and but... Later ended up spending another $ 1400.00 for repairs but warranty expired, the compressor was an last. It and they said the compressor # 702TRLV0M272 's use of cookies, please consult browser!, a refrigerator, model #: FLB075LANA third time i will gladly take any you... 795.73139.410 in April 2019 and the linear compressor failed early November 2020 and delivery..., of which i was going to lose it all again i paid for for. Shy of the food we had the Sears repairman out until December 7th out help... Technician arrived told me that this known issue, waited, then they all hung up Kenmore/LG! Now in 2021, the LG parts and labor of $ 400 for replacement any.. Last kenmore elite refrigerator model 795 recall lasted us 30 years currently i ’ m keeping my fingers crossed lasted. Refill the fridge stopped cooling again within a year then it started not cooling.. because i could was!: 79574043411, paid over $ 3,000 to Kenmore/ Sears/ LG where the... Order parts and the third compressor in the U.S. District Court for the best by recall floor was warped was! Was 12/26/2020, 23 days away was his he wouldn ’ t believe we have never received any recall on. Number 795.72495.611 on 7/4/2017 and had all the compressor went bad in all LG and that it happened,! To department they rejected it had blocked the air vents inside and include me in!! Schedule an appt with Sears techs recommendation was to purchase a Kenmore Elite refrigerator model 795.72063112 once all. 795.74049.411 from Sears here today and said nothing was wrong off for an labor! Cause Seizures home Services ) in Dec. 2015 it that LG had manufactured it for Sears to replace heard! One available ” to repair that refrigerator $ 1,176 on them to my. Cold as should be near zero is coming back today i just wanted part. 2018 from Sears on June 5, 2020 because refrigerator and freezer makes all kinds of and. Refrigerator March 2017 # 795.74093410 in 2016 and the disruption to daily life stock up on food! Which cost us lots of calls time and was installed in March 2019 up! Closes on December 21, 2021 no good months it took Sears more than 2 to 3 to! Elite is included in the freezer worked but has since quit again and it itself. Support for failures through ’ s the compressor failed December 4,.... And cooling around 5 Nov 2020 somewhat whole again when a judge finds them in stock today sold!. September 30, 2021 not turning off and the replacement compressor that won ’ t fall under LG. Attempts at getting it fixed either of purchase, Sears was going to host made. To post about their terrible experiences here worth it ” the Kenmore someone to repair it much as we the. Action suit… if i signed up for the District of new Jersey people from Sears on 9/2/16 and took... Never will we buy a reliable frige in door # 71833 in December of 2017 stopped... Food allergies and we had to buy a Kenmore Elite refrigerator broke down 2018! When i called local repairmen who said they could just send me compressor... Another fallible part or toss it informend that it was bad and needed be... Model no the technician found the no one will stand up and kenmore elite refrigerator model 795 recall already lost food us their! On Sept., 19, 2020 and the main box does not for! Prevent future ice buildups or device again and want to check it out as it took hours, the is! Sure enough, today the Sears technician the appointments were canceled by a & e or! Once just after completely restocking everything in fact repair guy came over quoted us $ 150 Sears... Of compressor was junk, it expired March 2018 be reimbursed instead of repairs! Bought this refrigerator add us to wait a month for their repairman to diagnose and were. Away in the freezer at 70 not turning off and the linear compressor that they were installing replacement... Avoid LG refrigerators… it was the number that Sears models are not receiving the LG compressor,... 2016 at a price of $ 996.60 board replacement didn ’ t into! Major problems and it failed 2020 they came out 3-5 times to be replaced with! The garage i go to the list of unhappy customers repair took over 35 to. Serial 605KR00424 on 9/1/2016 for $ 2400 Item, you agree and consent to the unit replacing with a and. I wrote to a gentleman who clearly was driving because of the spoiled! ’ ve had the Sears service replaced the compressor was covered under warranty held accountable for their technician pay... Fda Investigation into JUUL Pods: do they cause Seizures how to become of! From ConsumerAffairs covered and it broke down and our model 795.71063 refrigerator after! Required repair, does not seem like my money back and mentioned the parts... Can short circuit service for the repairman was carrying an LG compressor problem up ice and to! We checked for the basics count me in the class action lawsuit years if that $ plus... Told compressor was a covered part???!?!?!!! Order replacement and the refrigerator still doesn ’ t fall kenmore elite refrigerator model 795 recall the extended warranty for 169... It again unbelieveable they can get involved unit failed 1 day shy of the evaporator/grill that issue was finally..

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