Data Science for Digital Startups

Credible Informatics

Develop solid ML/AI capabilities in your growth-stage organization


Data Strategy

At Credible Informatics, our goal is to make data science the most confident investment an early-stage company could make.

This can happen only when your DS roadmap is in line with your product roadmap. What is your most difficult problem – Intelligent customer communications? More dynamic pricing? or simply understanding how users are using your product?  


Custom Development

We believe that fundamentals of data science cut across business functions and data sources. 

We develop powerful, actionable, cross-functional KPIs and ML models for our clients. We bring together all kinds of siloed data  – marketing data, mobile backend data, data from a BI tool or user-level data from your CRM – as long as it helps build repeatable value.


Many startup teams struggle to prioritize data over more urgent tasks – building product, acquiring users, raising money. 

That’s not only because it requires specialized data skills, but also because the results are  hard to put to use in a cross-functional environment. QueryBank makes it super easy to infuse cross-functional business context into your data workflow. 

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